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BRIANA & ADRIAN – Sooo… We're getting married… Soon. Like… Real soon. In Sacramento… On a Wednesday. And you're invited. Check out the site for more info and to RSVP.
(if you're reading this)
you are invited to the wedding of
May 23, 2018
4:00 pm
September 2013
In the Fall of 2013 Adrian had just joined on the pastoral team for a new church called The Gathering, where Bri had joined on as an intern. They didn't think much of each other at all and only talked about church-related logistics. Bri specifically remembers thinking some other dude was super hot and that Adrian was just "meh." Adrian just thought Bri was super lame (which she kinda was).
May 2014 - February 2017
Later on, as Bri realized that she would have a lot of time on her hands during the summer, she asked Adrian if he needed any help with the organization that he had recently started, MYTHIRDPLACE. Adrian said he absolutely did, and let her know that he had an open door policy at his home for anyone to come by whenever they wanted. Bri took his offer to another level and was at his house nearly every day that summer, helping out with MYTHIRDPLACE work and beginning her own journey of being called to long-term youth ministry. It was during this time that the foundation for their close friendship was set.
In May of 2014 Bri felt called to stay in Azusa to continue helping with The Gathering instead of returning home to Sacramento during the summer. However, she needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks until her apartment opened up. Adrian heard about her need and helped by advocating for her to find her a place to stay. They got lunch for the first time to discuss the whole situation, and the seeds of friendship were planted.
Since that summer Bri and Adrian continued to become closer as friends, spending time together at work (Bri officially joined the MYTHIRDPLACE staff in the Fall of 2014), church, and at their respective homes. Over the years, they've walked alongside each other through awkward online dates, bad haircuts, family crises, breakups, and incredible memories that solidified their best friend relationship.
March 2017 - Present
After months of talks about the potential of lifelong partnership, Bri and Adrian decided to take the opportunity to pray and fast and seek God's will for their relationship during the season of Lent in 2017. By the end of Lent they had definitely become closer and had some important talks about marriage, but still weren't sure exactly where their relationship was headed. As time went on they continued to seek God's will for their relationship, while also maintaining their status as best friends.
By November of 2017 they had both come to realize that they couldn't imagine living life without the other, and didn't want to, so they decided to begin taking the necessary steps toward marriage, and officially became a couple.
February 2018
After a failed attempt the week prior, Adrian and Anaiah surprised Bri with a proposal on February 26. For about a month at MYTHIRDPLACE, teens and mentors had been gearing up for a competition that finally came that Monday. For the mentor portion of the competition, Adrian had only Bri and one other mentor take a stab at it, knowing that Bri would kill the game. After she was done, Adrian cut off the competition to give time for him and Anaiah to discuss the winner (aka for Adrian to give Anaiah the ring) to the major protest of the mentors who hadn’t gotten to compete. When the exchange was complete Adrian announced, “And the winner for the mentors is…,” walked up to Bri, got down on one knee, and asked, “Bri, would you marry me?” quickly followed by Anaiah running up and handing the ring to her.
Most of the teens and mentors were just as surprised as Bri and began cheering and clapping. Bri was so shocked that forgot to say “yes,” and could only respond with a big dorky smile and a hug to Adrian. Later that night, Adrian and Bri got together for a surprise engagement dinner with some friends and family and officially began their journey as fiance and fiancee.
(check out some photos from the proposal at the bottom of this page)